Today, I am talking to women – my daughter, my sister, my mother.  There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.  Girl, be you.  Do you.  For you.

Let’s look at things that may be stopping you from becoming a 6 figure woman.

1) Underestimating your professional value

Women who do not earn much, have a lot in common.  Too many of them are ready to settle for a lower salary because they underestimate themselves as professions and even see their achievements as a mere coincides or just good luck.  A lot of working women think they are not qualified enough for a certain position.  This mentality keeps so many of them from shooting for higher pay rates or positions.

On the other hand, men tend to overestimate their professional skills and that is what helps them climb to the top.

Ladies, if it’s a man’s world then you better start thinking like one.  Believe in yourself and you will shatter that glass ceiling to shreds.

2. Working for free.

Working for free indicates a lack of professionalism.  You spend your time and skills to contribute to a company’s prosperity while you are getting nothing in return.  All work must be paid for unless you are doing it to gain experience.  And this should only be done for a short period.

3.  Being afraid to ask for a promotion

It is sometimes scary enough to ask the boss for anything let alone promotion yet this is a necessary conversation to have with your employer especially if your responsibilities have increased and your salary hasn’t.  If you are waiting for a perfect time, statistics show Friday morning to be the best time. Be sweet as sugar but hard as ice. Get your girl power on and go for it.

4.  Forgetting that time is money

Spend your time wisely.

5.  Constant late nights at work.

We know of absenteeism but there is also present-ism.  This is when a person spends more time in their work than the normal schedule.  There are many reasons why this could be happening but it could also be as a result of bad time management or simply want to show that they are good employees.  Girl, come up with your own unique schedule instead of spending all nights at the office.  This will help you manage your time and increase your productivity.

6. Looking ahead instead of looking around.

A lot of people try to climb the corporate ladder only upward without looking around.  This kind of tunnel vision limits ones personal development and prevents you from earning more.  Showing interest in other spheres around you that do not necessarily correlate with your own, may contribute to further your success.  It can bring you additional income and will make you more rounded.  Broaden your horizons as often as you can.

7.  Not asking yourself the most important question.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself; “what do I think about my job?”  Do not waste your time at a job you hate.  Start making small steps towards your dream job.

8. Considering money the main goal.

Money is of course important.  Some say it makes the world go round.  Money can open a lot of doors for you but it should not be the primary reason for having a certain job.  You cannot spend your time doing something you hate just for money.  Remember you will never recover time lost.  Your sincere passion in life will get noticed and will make way for you.

9.  Settling for the status quo

It is very easy to get comfortable and be satisfied with what you have.  If you walk the same road, you may never explore other parts.  Do not forget that nothing stands still.  The world is always changing.  You might be earning enough today but nobody knows what tomorrow brings.  Realizing this fact should stimulate you to move forward in life instead of sitting comfortably in one spot. Each day, try to do a little more than you did the day before.

10.  Using work to hide from personal problem.

Many use work as a distraction from their problems.  It can be effective for a while but it will not make you as productive as you need to be.  A study has shown that happy people earn more than their sad coworkers.  It is difficult to do something well when your mind is elsewhere.  Try to resolve your personal problems right away before they become a huge burden that makes your life miserable.

11. Neglecting your health and appearance

Stop this.  Love yourself and be good to yourself

12.  Only doing the bare minimum.

It is crucial to exceed customer expectations instead of just meeting them. Try to do more than anyone expects of you.  Always think – two for one deal.

Ladies, changing the game is a sure-fire way to the top.  Wake up and be awesome!!!