Have you ever been to a conference where one minute you are yawning your way through a PowerPoint presentation and the next you are on a game drive gawking at a herd of wildebeest on migration?  Probably not.  But it is not as far-fetched as it sounds.

At CPEP Conferences, we understand that facilities are not the only tools required to achieve successful communication for a business conference/workshop but also the environment.

A conference in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, home to the aristocratic Maasai, the majestic migration and the great safari, is certainly likely to be one venue that attendees will not forget.

“Forget about hauling your briefcase on a no-frills airlines flight to attend a convention or meeting in an uninspiring and stuffy impression of a building,” says Anjie Mutisya, one of the directors of CPEP.  “To be able to put up a tent, have Maasai warriors guarding you the entire time, so you do not have wild animals interrupting your meeting.  What you are able to do in the bush, is far more because the group stays together.  A lot of companies enjoy this option because they want to push the team-building aspect as well,” she adds.

CPEP Conferences organizes conferences and meetings in the entire East Africa region.  We have the experience and knowledge of the local market to ensure you enjoy something that is truly individual and keeps alive the spontaneity. Our method is simple: we will handle all prior arrangements for you; from organizing transport services (air, charter, road and rail) to handling press coverage, producing all relevant promotional materials, coordinating photography and audio-visual coverage.


Accommodation options for these events are varied.  We have a mobile camp option, where a luxury camp can be set up exclusively in a remote part of the bush for a particular event.  Alternatively, there are luxury hotels, lodges and camps where delegates might prefer to stay.

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